We provide the following landscape services: 

Landscape Designs Adding and updating features to enhance and improve the functionality of your home, including: Stone and block, Patios, and Firepits, Lawn Installation Sod or Seed.
Perennial Gardens Design and install plants that live for more then two years.
Retaining Walls A structure that holds back soil or rock from a building, structure or area.
Seasonal Cleanup Get beds ready for planting and cut back perennials in spring.  Remove leaves from the lawn and beds in the fall.
Mowing Maintain the health, functionality and beauty of your lawn.
Trimming, Pruning
Allows for the continued health and growth of shrubs and trees.
Mulching Highly effective means of weed prevention while adding aesthetic value to your landscape
Lime Application Applying agricultural limestone to raise soil pH into a desirable range.
Aerating Loosening or puncturing the soil to increase water penetration
Dethatching The removal of the layer of dead stems that builds up under many lawn grasses.
Soil Excavation Digging up polluted soil so it can be cleaned or disposed of.
Tree Trimming Important for aesthetic reasons and to encourage the growth of strong, healthy trees

… AND Commercial Snow Removal